The digital era serves to expand the replication and distribution of information but also highlights the fragility of knowledge and memory. In this workshop students will be encouraged to conceptualize the limitations as well creative opportunities arising once the world is described and understood trough data respresentations aimed to feed machine logics and artificial intelligence rather then human intellect, data = memory ? The workshop will cover various data capturing techniques, such as 3d laser scanning, lidar, infrared scanning, photogrammetry and robotic image capture, to extract, process and translate information into a time-based medium. The targets of this data capture excersie will be human bodies in motion as well a specific set of locations and objects. Students will build an extensive library of 3d point clouds and associated stock footage. This will be the building material to construct a spatial narrative playing in a new space with an altered timeline constructed from recombined and displaced data, where previously unrelated objects and bodies may be related or vis-versa.


Jacob Falk
Chris Nolop


Curime Batliner


Film, Teaching