Artopia – LA

The performance  dubbed “LA”, features a robotic camera system surveilling parts of the city from the US Bank Tower  terrace.  Augmenting human vision using  a robotic controlled telephoto lens, visitors were given access to seemingly invisible closeups of the cityscape, sampeling and at times intruding  ordinary life in the streets. Set as an open film location, the audience will be able to join and observe the process of making. The outside performance will be complemented by live visuals mapped at the inside of the building. Mixing video, 3-D scan captures, satellite footage and CCTV cameras of the iconic Wilshire Boulevard, the work superimposes a visual narrative onto the lifeline of the city, which at that very moment will be at the feet of every spectator.




Curime Batliner, Jake Newsum


US Bank Tower


Performance, Robotics